Monday, May 16, 2005

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Summer time is here and I'm always finding myself pre-occupied. Tomorrow I leave for our annual "summer camp worship leading run". We'll be leading worship for seven camp events and various other concerts. We'll cram all that into about 7 weeks and cram all our band into our van (The Mystery Machine) My mind is concerned about many things, where we're going, how will it work, who will be there, will they like our music. So many things try to compete for my attention, but then I am reminded by a song one of my good friends wrote..."I'm under the impression that it's all for me". When God called me into this it was not so I could become famous but rather use what I have to point people to Jesus and reflect the glory of God. I am supposed to be a worshipper and nothing else. Not a rock star, not a famous songwriter, not a guitar player, a worrier or a fixer. I do a bad job at all those things, but what I can do, is what I was made to do...worship God. I want to have the best summer of our ministry, but the only way I'll get that done is to lay down all of these things I try to be and start being who I am.