Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Worship In A Box

I played a gig a while back where I was without the band and flying solo. I had even forgotten some of my gear and was trying to scramble and find everything I needed. I had my guitar, but that was about it. The worship leader for the church I was playing happened to show up just in time to offer his gear for my use. It was nice enough gear, but as he was explaining the guitar pedals that I’d be using, he pointed one out in particular and said… “This’un here’s awesome. I kick that thing in and the Holy Ghost just goes wild. It’s worship in a box.” Hmm… I never knew the Lord was so fond of reverb. I got a little annoyed and took off making an internal list of ways I should confront and correct this brother’s obvious error, but before I got to the part about me being so smart and him being so not, I heard the Holy Spirit say… “He thinks I need that pedal to move, but you think I need you and your smarty pants attitude to move. The truth is, the starry hosts were made by my breath (Psalm 33) so why don’to you both just pray and ask for humble hearts as you lead people into my presence.” Lesson learned and a friend earned, I humbly borrowed his gear. I did not use the pedal however, I was probably afraid of what might happen.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oak Shows Promise...

Here are a couple of music videos where The Mighty Oak busts out on his "drum set". Keep rockin' little buddy!