Saturday, November 10, 2007

Be Faithful...

Be Faithful

As the readers know, I just got back form Peru. We had a great trip, made a lot of new friends and the blessings flowed both ways while we were there. I’ll get to that story later, but first I want to share something with you that happened the day before I left the country.

As a matter of promise, I always leave a musical seed (a musical instrument) everywhere I go outside of the US. I plant it, praying that the instrument will inspire those who use it to worship for the glory of God. My plans for Peru were much the same, except for one problem… I did not have the money to buy an instrument. I had it in one sense, but it was not the most financially responsible thing to buy an instrument at that point in time. I had almost talked myself into not sowing the seed, but the Spirit was coaxing me to rethink my decision. I knew I needed to get an instrument to give away. I actually knew exactly what I needed after talking to the contact person for the trip. She knew of a need for a saxophone. A saxophone…wow…they’re very expensive. I knew that and I don’t even play sax. Anyway, I obeyed the Spirit and grumbled all the way to the music store around the corner form where we live. “If they have a sax that I can remotely afford, I’ll get it,” I said to myself.

While I was walking into the store, the Spirit was just saying to me…be faithful…be faithful…be faithful. To me this has always meant, obey God in the things you know to do and never change course because of varying circumstances. Honor what you know to honor and let God deal with the short term, unseen things that try to distract us. “Be faithful”.

Well, as you could guess that they had a sax that I could remotely afford. I bought it, prayed over it and said “God, you know where I am, so meet the needs of my family. I buy this instrument for your glory and let it be used to build your Kingdom.”

Five minutes after buying the sax, I’m in Wal-Mart running and errand for Heather. My phone rings and it’s Steve (my manager and royal potentate of Blair Artist Management) Steve informs me that a big company has just ordered a ton of CDs from me to put in their stores around the country (more on that later too). In five minutes I went from faith to fruit and God filled in the blank that had worried me moments before as I paid for the sax. I am totally not kidding you…it happened just like that. So basically the sax was already paid for when I was buying it. Tell me that is not eight ways awesome!!

If that story sounds braggy, it’s braggy for the glory of God and a reminder of his loving kindness toward his people. Be faithful in what you know, because God is always faithful in what he knows. Jesus never fails…thanks be to God.