Friday, October 21, 2005

October 21, 2005...

Here is a copy of the Spring Hill Worhsip press release...
Spring Hill Worship Signs New Artist

Worship Leader Carl Cartee Signs Exclusive Agreement with Worship Label

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.--October 11 th, 2005-Spring Hill Worship, an imprint of Spring Hill Music Group, Inc., has just signed an exclusive recording agreement with singer/songwriter/worship leader Carl Cartee. Cartee, who has traveled for over a decade as a concert
performer, worship leader and worship mentor, is slated to release his debut recording, Unfailing, with Spring Hill Worship in March
of 2006.

Cartee's talents have been heard nationally over the past year through his writing and vocal features on other Spring Hill Worship projects
including Songs from the Bennett House, The Rocks Cry Out and The Glorious Impossible recordings. His vocals have been
playing over the airwaves on the Top 30 radio single "My Offering" as well as on the current single "Unfailing Love," now playing at
Inspirational and adult contemporary stations nationwide.

Carl states, "I used to love being a bachelor, until I met my wife...being on a team is much better. I enjoyed being an indie artist until I

hooked up with Spring Hill Worship. Now I feel like I have someone to take the field with me. I can't wait to see what immeasurable

things God will do with our collective faith."

Cartee is known for his rock-inspired guitar playing, his laid-back on stage approach and rasp-tinged driving lead vocals. In addition to a
degree in music, Carl has served as a church worship leader himself but now travels full-time in addition to his songwriting. His touring,
which often includes youth and college student camps, has taken him to France, Brazil, India and Africa in addition to the United States
when he's not at his home in Nashville, Tenn.

"We at Spring Hill Worship feel very honored to be associated with the music ministry of Carl Cartee," stated Spring Hill Worship A&R director Phil Johnson. "People love to actually sing Carl's music almost as much as they like hearing him sing it. The interesting thing about Carl is that he, as a person, is just like his music, full of integrity and substance."

Cartee was a recent guest on the international radio program "Soul2Soul"; and many of his songs featured on the
Spring Hill Worship line are being performed by worship teams nationwide, including the title cut from the new release The Glorious Impossible. He founded the Summer Worship Experience, an intern program designed to train college-age
musicians and vocalists to lead worship. In November, Cartee will play alongside veteran performer/songwriter Scott Krippayne and acclaimed powerhouse vocalist Charity Von in Jekyll Island, Ga., at a WAY FM listener appreciation

Unfailing will be distributed by Word Distribution/WEA with digital distribution by EMI CMG Distribution. For further
information, visit or .

Spring Hill Worship is a line of worship products created specifically for the desires and nees of today's church and
church leaders with an emphasis on creating new copyrights for the church. It features songs crafted by leading
worship writers and introduces up-and-coming worship leaders of today.


Photo: (Back row, L-R) Spring Hill Worship's (SHW) A&R Director Phil Johnson, SHW's COO and CFO David Robinson and SHW's Director of Publishing Joe Beck welcome worship leader/singer/songwriter Carl Cartee (seated) to his new home
at Spring Hill Worship.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

October 20, 2005

I want to tell you about this record that I'm on. It's called "The Glorious Impossible". I am so proud of this record and I want you to know it's just full of songs you can use in worship for your church. A lot of you asked me about the song "Honestly" that I sang a lot this summer. That song is on this record. Although I wrote on this song, I am not the guy singing it on the record. The guy I wrote it with however, Elias Dummer, is singing it and does a great job. You can get this CD at any Christian music store or online. I have 2 songs on it that I am singing and I wrote on 6 total. I just think it would be something that helps point you to Jesus and we all need a little bit of that today. When you buy it, let me know what you think about it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I had an incredible time down in Mississippi helping out with my church and the hurricane relief efforts. It's hard to evaluate how much damage was done with words and pictures. The toll on hearts is hard to see but just as devastating. The whole place just looked like a junkyard, nothing but useless stuff for miles. I had an amazing opportunity to serve at Bay Vista Baptist Church in Biloxi. For the first time in a long time I was working at a church, but not wearing a guitar and standing in front of a microphone. Instead, I was wearing work gloves and unloading trucks of supplies for about 15 hours a day. Busting my tail, I might add. There was a steady stream of tractor-trailers coming in from all over the country full of everything you need to survive. It fell to me and a few other dudes to unload it all. What a great thrill it was to build the Kingdom and refresh my soul. The church became a massive relief center distributing food to people who came by in a drive-thru type help center. The view from where I was humbled me and reminded me that being the “on-stage guy” is not always where the Lord wants me. Thank God for the ways he teaches us and the ways he loves us.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

I wanted to write and share an update with you about the previous journal entry (July 30). I had a lot of response from that one and just recently heard some new developments about the song. My song that was previously "rejected" for controversial content, has now been accepted. Funny how the Lord works things out, but one of the greatest songwriters of the modern era just recorded the song Gloruous Impossible. My friends at Spring Hill Worship shared with me that Bill Gaither (Because He Lives, He Touched Me) recorded the song along with the Gaither Vocal Band. It should appear on their next record. I was told that he not only cut the song, but really likes it and thinks it's special. What a huge honor to have a writer who has been connecting with the church for over 40 years, think so much of a song that they choose it for their own record. I love it and thankyou Jesus. To make better sense of this entry, read July 30th's entry. Keep defending the, carl

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday, July 30, 2005

I write this not as a disgruntled songwriter, but as a zealous Christian.
The company that I write for, Spring Hill Worship, had absolutely nothing to do with the song evaluation mentioned in this entry.
 As a professional writer, a big part of my work involves placing my songs on a whipping post to see if they stand up to the scrutiny of my peers and employers. I realize that every song I write is not the next big hit and some in fact, are complete misses. Learning to take rejection comes easier with practice. Most criticisms I get have to do with a song’s commercial value… “will a lot of people like this?” Some work, some don’t, but in all of them I pray that two things hold true. That God would anoint the song to draw people to Him and that every lyric is Biblically sound. If I can get that done, I’m happy, commercial or not. There are days however when commercialism and political correctness bleeds over onto song evaluations and the light on the hill grows a little dim. Today that happened…in-fact, as far as I am concerned, we had a total black out. Consider the following lines…
“See the virgin is delivered, in a cold and crowded stall
Mirror of the Father’s glory, lies beside her in the straw
He is mercies incarnation, marvel at this miracle
For the virgin gently holds the glorious impossible”
 “The Glorious Impossible”. I wrote this song with two great writers, Joe Beck and Wendy Wills. Our company submitted this song to a magazine, for worship leaders, to be included on a CD the publication produces. The CD is a companion to the magazine and designed to help churches discover new and emerging songs for worship. It goes out to over 20,000 worship leaders each quarter of the year (you figure out which magazine). The songs are submitted and then reviewed by a panel to make sure they’re appropriate. After our song was reviewed, it came back rejected and taken off of the CD. No problem. What makes this a very big deal, is the reason it was yanked. It was a bad song or poor recording, it was not a bunch of drivel that could as easily be about your girlfriend as Jesus. It was based on the Bible. People, who work on a panel for determining quality and lyrical content in worship songs, pulled the tune because of the reference to the Virgin Birth. The Virgin Birth. Am I taking crazy pills here? My “Christian” song gets the snub because it mentions the Virgin Birth? That’s like giving Lance Armstrong the snub because he likes bicycles. They’re a big part of what he’s about. They are an essential part of his identity and achievement. The Virgin Birth of Jesus is central to the entire faith of Christianity! Hello? How is that offensive? Christians not only believe Jesus was born of a virgin and conceived by the Holy Spirit, but we’re into it! We think it’s awesome and that it highlights the dual nature of our Savior. It displays from the very instant of his entry to this planet that he was God and Man. It calls attention to the purity of Christ and highlights that he was the seed of perfect God, not sinful man. It was a miracle. It is a foundational belief of ancient Christianity and included in numerous creeds of the Christian faith. We’re not talking about wether or not you can cut your grass on Sunday or if your mom should be a deaconess. Who cares? Go fight that out at some convention, but don’t diminish God’s great and glorious plan of redemption by dressing it up in a sleazy politically correct costume.
My rant will soon draw to a close, but not before I take my stand. The Church has suffered long enough with cowards and sissies who worry that the Gospel is offensive. Offended? Good. I’m not worried nearly as much about offense as I am about highlighting Jesus and his great love for mankind, His great humility in submitting to human flesh, entering the womb of a teenager and making the way of redemption. I pray that every artist, songwriter and worship leader who reads this will go out and create something beautiful that highlights the gloriously impossible work that Jesus accomplished. Make music that calls attention to Jesus, to his miracles, to his birth, death, and resurrection… if it’s commercial, fine. If it’s not, fine too. But what ever it is, make sure it’s truthful and full of a passion…and never, never, allowing your mind or art to be stripped of conviction and truth.
I love you…Carl Cartee (Matt:6:33)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday, July 18, 2005

Walking outside feels like wrapping up in a blanket, fresh out of the dryer. It's hot...7th circle of hell hot. Fortunately, this is as close as I am capable of getting to hell, and I'm grateful. Heat in NC is big time, I had forgotten. Anyway, weather is not what I want to write about. everyone talks about it and there are tons of people who could do a better job than me on the subject. The Summer has been going great...leading worship every night and tossing the frisbee durning the day (play ultimate). We wrap things up on the 21st and head back to the Nashville. I am looking forward to resting in my own bed and eating at Judge Bean's BBQ. I always come to this place when I am wrapping up a long summer and here I am do I finish as strong as I started. I want to finish well. I want to finish as a winner. This tour and my life. Noting counts as much as how you finish. People remember the finish and the finish is what defines a person. Daily decisions are what define a person. Here's hoping to be a real old man with a great track record

Monday, May 16, 2005

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Summer time is here and I'm always finding myself pre-occupied. Tomorrow I leave for our annual "summer camp worship leading run". We'll be leading worship for seven camp events and various other concerts. We'll cram all that into about 7 weeks and cram all our band into our van (The Mystery Machine) My mind is concerned about many things, where we're going, how will it work, who will be there, will they like our music. So many things try to compete for my attention, but then I am reminded by a song one of my good friends wrote..."I'm under the impression that it's all for me". When God called me into this it was not so I could become famous but rather use what I have to point people to Jesus and reflect the glory of God. I am supposed to be a worshipper and nothing else. Not a rock star, not a famous songwriter, not a guitar player, a worrier or a fixer. I do a bad job at all those things, but what I can do, is what I was made to do...worship God. I want to have the best summer of our ministry, but the only way I'll get that done is to lay down all of these things I try to be and start being who I am.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday, April 29, 2005

Have you ever tried to do something the right way, have the most maturity and integrity possible and then, for whatever reason, the whole thing back fires on you? I had one of those weeks. Being a guy who wants everyone to like me and think I'm nice, has worked well up till this point. When things happen, beyond my control, to make people not like or distrust me, it gets the best of my emotions. These are the days of my life here in "Nash Angelos". In all this, I am once again going through the Holy Spirit School of Following Jesus. When, in your heart, you're being honest to yourself, listen and be confident in that. Jesus must have constantly had his motives challenged and his intent called into question. His whole life and public ministry was a huge target for critiscism and ridicule. He was the only sinless person to ever live, getting it right every time, and still there were those who thought his motives were not pure. I am being refined and sharpened through this time in my own ministry. I worry too much about what people think of me. I look for their approval even at the cost of my own sense of doing what is right. I'm learning that I must rush toward the Master and try my best to fall on his example. I cannot win in both worlds. There will come days when my Spirit life trumps my earthly life and I have to let God worry about the out come. Doing right in the sight of the Lord has to be enough, even when it does not jive with the world. Paul even says to Timothy that those who desire to live a Godly life will be persecuted. I don't think this is any where near persecution on a legitimate scale, but it does make me realise that doing what is right does not always get a happy out come. If people mis-interpret things or don't agree with an out come, I cannot make this my problem. My job is not to police what other people's feelings, but to trust and obey the Holy Spirit. The words and opinions of men do not validate or affirm my character. The Holy Spirit does. He is my measure of validation and correctness. So there is a little bit of what I'm hearing from the Lord today. Maybe not the most thrilling of Journal entries, but I know I feel a lot better. Thank you Jesus.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Yesterday was one of those days when I got a really big surprise. Unfortunately, it was not the kind of thing I was excited about. The surprise was, that things were going down that affected me but it went on for a while without me knowing, and then, boom-shaka-laka!, guess what you got some stuff you need to handle. When I was talking about all this stuff with my friends, it turned out that all of them had sort of had the same kind of day. Bad news, broken cars and failing plans. I was so amazed to hear their perspective. "Hey, blessed be the name of the Lord" is all they said. God has blessed me to by connecting me with people who know him intimately. That little reminder snapped me back to a place of rememberance. What ever happens on this earth is of no consequence to the believer. It does not matter, in the long term, what kind of day we have. Good or bad, glorious or gut wrenching, we are secure. We are safe. We have hope. We know Jesus. Blessed be the name of the Lord. "What can man do to me?" No matter how my little situation turns out, I know how I've got to react. Knowing that God is still working out his glorious purpose in my life and my only response is to worship and believe. (stepping into karate stance) "hai-yah!"

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Saturday, January 8, 2005

I got my picture made today for the new record cover and promo stuff. That has got to be one of the most awkward feelings I've ever had. Look at a camera and hold still while it records time. "Don't blink while I flash blinding bright white light into your eyes". "Oh you blinked, I'll have to do it again." I always blink. I'll keep everyone in the loop on progress and an official release date. I know it's going to be some time in April. I had a great time during a visit from my good friend and fellow worship leader, Lee McDerment. Lee leads worship at one of the most happening churches in the US...New Spring Community Church in Anderson, SC. If you live in upstate SC, near Clemson University, you should check it out...Lee's band and worship team are simply some of the best around. We wrote a killer song during the visit, that'll put up in music when I can get it mixed.