Friday, January 06, 2006

Turkey #5

Today is the last full day of our work here. we'll have a worhsip service tonight and then a send out in the morning. We'll be heading home Sunday to Nashville. Can't wait to tell you all about it. I promise I won't be "annoying, I just got back from a life changing trip, why are you not as happy as me person". I really miss all my boys and girls in the States. I am looking to write some good dongs after this joker is over. E-mails have been flooding in and we're collecting prizes for those who are responding. Have a good time and I'll be eager to see you all...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Turkey #4

Amazing days here in the mid-east. God has been doing some stunning things in worship. These people we're working with are just cool. Not Fonz cool, but different cool. You have different perspective in worship when you can sing and dance w/o out fear. Fearless singing is some of the best kind. Fearless dancing, well that's just crazy. It is such an honor to be here and connect with the church from all over the world and to see what God is still doing for his glory. I want to be fearless too.
We're going shopping on Saturday so if you want me to get you a trinket or flying carpet, put in your request via e-mail soon.

throwing caution to the dogs,

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Turkey #3

Day three, here in the big T...(I been waiting all week for that rhyme)
Anyway. WoW! what an unpredictable place this is. Not Turkey, the world. Once again, I ran into an old friend from my home town who is working in the field. I am so proud to know these people. Some of the world's most committed believers are here. People who embody "loving not their lives, even unto death". As far as I can tell, I am getting a look into what it means to "have faith". I wonder how much faith it takes to gripe about my name getting ommitted on songwriting credits. Some of these folks can't even allow their last names to be mentioned or their picture to be taken at all. Their faith makes it too dangerous for their loved ones. Something to think about. I love being around people who make me better...I love being around believers who's lives challenge me to believe.
We had a great worship service tonight with my old friend JD Greer speaking, even J. Welch friend and former band mate made the trip. The band is getting better and I'm making them laugh at my forgetful mind...the Lord is working...thanks for praying.

Carl Cartee
The Band...
(L to R Dustin Rohrer, Chris Stephens, {CC Deville} and Thom Rayner)
Brooks Abbot is the sound man

Monday, January 02, 2006

Turkey #2

Hey People! It’s Day 2 from fabulous Turkey.
My dream was made a reality today when in the retreat center cafeteria, I was served a turkey leg. A turkey leg in Turkey…could life get better? I submit that it cannot.
I was rehearsing with my band all day today. Guys who took off work and made the trip over to help out Heather and me with the music. We’d never played together, with the exception of Dustin Rohrer, who was a former member of the Summer Worship Experience. Gear here is pretty rough by US standards. I’m such a spoiled brat…but just when I start to think about getting frustrated, I remember 1 Samuel 17 and David’s fight with a giant. He had the most out dated and inferior equipment that there was. Literal toys compared to the sword and spear of the giant. God’s word for me was to enjoy the weakness of the equipment and embrace the opportunity to see him work. Sometimes, I rely on good gear to win a battle, but the battle belongs to the Lord and I am being reminded of that every moment I’m here. Please pray for me as I have lost my guitar strap and I have a very bad in-grown fingernail on my left middle finger. It Sounds funny, but it hurts real bad. Heather is doing well but is having some swelling in the legs due to too much walking…I am being sure to make her take it easy. She’s having my son!
Be back tomorrow,

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Turkey #1

Hey folks,
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. We arrived safely in Turkey after over 30 hours of flying, waiting, flying and more flying. I am so eager to see what the Master is going to do. Security is a big issue here, so I’ll keep it shady on the terms. But with that in mind, amazing things are happening in the Spirit. I know that we’re here for a reason. One of the coolest things is that we ran into a guy who we went to college with who serves in this region. He and his wife are up on our fridge and we pray for them when we’re getting milk. I had not seen them in years and here they are all the way around the world in Turkey. Amazing. He shared stories with me of phone taps and privacy invasion and suddenly I got a good and clear picture of what it means to give your life away.
This morning we went and had an amazing service in a 2000-year-old stadium (think roman style gladiator thing). The service was opened with a trumpet duet of A mighty fortress is our God. It was stunning to hear the melody proclaimed all over the hills and surrounding area. All the people we’re here for arrive tomorrow and the real work begins.
Keep us in mind when you can…I’ll be back tomorrow to give more updates and reports. I have strong feelings that His glory is about to be revealed.