Thursday, August 12, 2004

August 12, 2004

Happy birthday to me!!!! August 8th was my birthday. I live for birthdays. Literally. Here's the haul... From Heather: Nice framed wall arrangement of my CD "First". (Made available for you on this website under merch) I look professional now. A Party and an Incredible Hulk Cake. First rate, not on South Beach however. From My Friends Brock and Ani Gill : A creepy guy, in a bath robe, no shirt, at my front door who played a tape of them singing Happy Birthday. They were on the road and sent him in their place. He said nothing, played the tape and walked away. Stellar. Starbucks gift card from Rod and Susan..A+!
Lowe's card from my Outlaws..Clutch, as usual. Roman Candle CD from my great friend Jason. If you don't have the CD,, order "says pop"...magical lyrics, great pop melodies. One of my favorite discs of all time. Cash from my folks, golf clubs and a Nashville visit. A very campy Nashville t-shirt from J. Welch. Finally, many fine folks from around the world calling to wish me well on the day that I was born. Ain't it great? Please send all cards and gifts to Carl Cartee PO Box 112001 nashville,tn 37222
see you soon.

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