Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ultrasound results...

Ultrasound pictures confirm that my wife is preggers with another little boy! I am so excited about this, as it also revealed the boy is healthy and all his parts are in the right place. Thank God. We even checked out his little baby skull to make sure it's not messed up like his brother's (see previous blogs on Oak's skull surgery). All's well on the skull front too. Oak's drum prowess will hopefully be accompanied by a bass playing brother, fulfilling my dream of having a rhythm section that truly will work for food and "because I said so" offense to Jon and Matt, my current rhythm section. Love and Merry Christmas to all...


Anonymous said...

i am so excited for Oak, you and Heather. What a fortunate little boy to have a ready made family as the "Cartee's". Will he and Heather be coming with you to 180 Weekend. I am so looking forward to it. I no longer work with the youth (too old!) but will be helping so I can hear you again. I think my niece from Liberty, Katie Gardner(originally from Providence, Raleigh) is coming just to hear you!!
Please tell Heather hello for me.
Looking forward to seeing you.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet the newest Cartee family addition!

such a blessing to see you all this weekend.

praying for you.
Lauren Biggs
Psalm 51:6