Monday, February 18, 2008

"Here I Go" (The Full Record) in Family Christian Stores Nationwide!!

Family Christian Stores all over the country are about to put the full length version of "Here I Go" out on the shelves Feb. 26th.
It's really cool to see major retail chains working directly with artists. This thing has been in the works for a while, but a few months back, the major retailer asked me to put 4 new songs with the already recorded EP so they could release the full length record exclusively in all their stores!!! I am so excited about this opportunity, so head here to find the closest Family Christian Store to your house.


Christian & Kristin said...

Hi Carl - Chris here from Providence - I am so excited for you. I have been praying for your ministry to grow, and it looks like a door is open. Praise the Lord. Don't stop rockin' till the crowd is hoppin'

Chris Breedlove said...

CARL! I hope you get this message. I just walked over to Broad River Coffee to indulge myself in a hot, whip creamy, Raspberry White Mocha. This was the highlight of my day. And upon my arrival back to my office, there was a message posted on my lil' photo blog from yoU! Aaahh! I can't believe it! Dude, thank you so much for posting that comment! Just having a little message from someone I really admire means more than words can say! Thanks man!

Now, about the album! I CAN NOT WAIT TO PICK MY COPY UP! I just wish I could here some samples....I'm so impatient when it comes to music. haha. Well, dude, I am so thankful for the fact of knowing you and your beautiful wife and handsome lil son. CONGRATS ON THE NEW BABY TO BE! Thank you again! Lookin' forward to seeing you again in NC! Take care!

Keri said...


I saw your CD advertised in the Family Christian Bookstore flyer-on sale! I went Saturday and bought three copies! One for me and the other two for members of my junior high Sunday school class. The lady checking me out commented on what a nice guy you were. She knew you through Clayton King's ministry. Of course, I had to comment that I knew you personally! :) Ha! Congrats!!

Keri March Reaney