Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ezra Stone Cartee

Well here he is…Ezra Stone Cartee, Oak’s little brother and our second son. He looks like Mr. Magoo and weighs a respectable 8.8 lbs., not that baby weight makes much of a difference. It’s always very important to tell it, but I do not know what people do with that information after they get it…other facts include a 21” length, an 11:50 AM birth and little to no hair. Heather was a she-warrior…two pushes and out! She’s so incredible and already loving on Ezra like a super mom. They are both healthy and doing fine.

The name Ezra means “help”. In 1 Samuel 7, after the Lord gave Israel a great victory over the Philistines, Samuel took a big stone and set it up in the place where God saved the day. He called his Ebenezer, which means “stone of my help” and it was a reminder to God’s people that he had been and will be faithful.

The blessing we prayed over the life of Ezra Stone Cartee is that he will be used to remind God’s people of his faithfulness and to point their lives to the glory of our great King Jesus. We’re so proud and thanks so much for your prayers.

Carl, Heather, Oak and Ezra


Lauren said...

This precious boy will proclaim the faithfulness of God--there's no question.

I love you all and look forward to seeing you guys.

lauren biggs

Anonymous said...

Congrats you two... he's beautiful!!! Heather, you look fantastic as usual.... God Bless and your in my prayers as always!!

kirsten said...

ok. you just labeled that poor little guy magoo. that'll stick.

he's adorable, heather is incredible and you are just lucky you got all the info right!

congratulations...we praise God for healthy babies!!!

Chris + Kristin Stephens said...

Hi Carl, Heather, Oak, and Ezra,

Congratulations. Now you have the rhythm section all set! Great pictures, but Carl it looks like you're pinching the baby - you should know better than that. ( :

Just in case you're interested Kristin started a blog:

You can see what Noelle is doing..

God Bless you and I am still inspired and challenged by your songs everytime I listen.

Christian, Kristin, an Noelle Stephens

tia said...

Congratulations! I am glad everybody is doing well.

Sharing His Plan said...

We just got home from a quick visit to the states and was SO EXCITED to see this post! Carl, Heather, and Big brother Oak - CONGRATS! Many blessings added to your home with Ezra there. VERY COOL! *HUGS* to you Four and we'll lift you in prayer as you adjust to haveing two! :) ~ Serving Him with you, The Davis' in Guatemala