Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catching (huff) Breath (huff) can't believe it all!!! (huff)

Finally back on the ground after Inspire 08, and just let me say, I have way more to share than one blog than can possibly digest, so I'll promise to break it down a few entries at a time. First of all, we ended up with 87 who came (and four who bailed out at the last minute) and 20 or so staff, presenters and special guests. This was a miracle in itself, since it was our first conference and we had never marketed something like this before. As He has always done in the past, God moved mightily on our behalf as we cried out to him. He has been savior over and over again through the whole process and he has been faithful and he has been the defender of the weak and he has qualified the unqualified and he has been justification and redemption and majestic and creative and a million things more. I am just amazed at how powerfully he worked in our midst.

We had great reviews and evaluations from everyone and the majority of the complaints were wishing the conference lasted longer. Good news is, that we'll be doing it again in a year. I am taking a day this week to get away and pray and seek God for clear direction on this new path he has opened up for me. I never expected things to go the way they have, but God revealed a new facet of my calling this past week. I have been a David (1 Samuel 17), (under-qualified, unexpected and under the radar) but used by God is specific and unique ways to lead his people. But now I see I must add a Samuel to that picture (1 Samuel 16)... ones who seeks out the under-qualified, unexpected and under the radar and calls out greatness in them, lay my hands on them and anoint them...pour my life out for them, getting them ready to be giant killers. Warriors in worship. This is what I personally took away from the conference, and I think God moved as powerfully in the life of every person there. It was amazing.

Be on the look out for an announcement about all the recorded content from Inspire 08. We'll get everything we can up on Youtube and our soon to be launched Inspire Worship Pod Cast.

If you prayed for this conference, thanks. If you came, thanks. If you think we've only just begun to see the power of the risen Christ at work, you're right.


De Anna Morris said...

Carl, I am surprised to hear you describe yourself as underqualified...I attended the conference feeling the same way. I was so impressed by you and your team and there were moments that i just felt overwhelmed to do what I know God has called me to do...I would whisper in my heart again..."are you sure, Lord? I don't think I can do this..." And then the message from Pasor Steve Furtick was God's message just for me..."What DO you have?" So I gave God what little I have...a passion to see captives set free, the lost found, the wounded healed...and the word He has given me...
Thanks for your ministry. The conference was great. You were great. The team was great.But most of all...our God is GREAT!!!

Lauren said...

Good word on Samuel and David, Carl.

Thanks for your obedience.

Bill Hogan said...

Carl, I have been a "fan" of your music for 10 years, but when I met you on Tues. of Inspire 08 week unloading a trailer full of equipment,wow!! the "star" is not supposed to that!!, But I didn't meet a "star" I met a man that exhuted the Love of God from every pore of his body. At week's end I had more respect and admiration for the "man" than the music, although I still love the music. Being in your presence for those few short days deeply impressed me and renewed my passion for worship and being in the presence of our King!! Thank you for following God's call on your life and know that I am praying for you and your family every day. I feel I have met and kindered spirit and a true friend for Life! In Christ, Bill Hogan