Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A sip at a time...

I had the fortune of parking beside this car when we went to a gas station/ McDonalds to celebrate Oak's 2nd birthday. The fact that I had my kids party in a gas station McDonalds is probably evidence to convict me of bad parenting, but hey, we had fun and there was a playground and we were an arms reach from beef jerky, fun dip and transmission fluid. Forget that. On to the car. I immediately noticed it when I got out of my own, pretty dirty, car, but this one was "next level" dirty. A fate not forced upon this car by a mub-puddle or paint spill, not even rust. As you see, the paint was in pretty good shape. No, this one was a Diet Coke at a time, sip by sip. It takes years to accumulate this much trash in your car. It takes subtle energy invested faithfully over the long haul. Way to go Mr. Neon driver...you are amazing. To all of us in pursuit of a full life, one little sip at a time.

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