Saturday, January 31, 2009

Those Kids

When we lead worship at Fellowship Bible, our weekend begins on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 for rehearsal and the first service. The next morning it starts around 5:30 AM to get the boys up and ready to be at church by 7 for sound check and another quick rehearsal.
The last time I was leading worship, my friend John Mays (playing bass that day) looked at my boys and said what a great picture they were. I had not noticed until he pointed them out, but they were indeed a unique sight. Both sitting on the front row of an empty sanctuary watching me prepare the band for the early morning service. Ezra in his car carrier looking sleepy eyed and silent was drifting off for a little nap. Oak, still in his coat and hat was eating goldfish from a Ziploc bag and watching Cars on his portable DVD player. The way John pointed them out was saying more about who they were than how they looked. They’re cute, but they are also those kids: ones who get drug to church every time the door is open and their life is wrapped up in the work of ministry. John and I both grew up as “those kids” and his comment called attention to something that I had casually over looked. These boys are church kids. Their impressions of Heather and me will have as much to do with being a part of the local church than anything else. We are Church people. We love the Church.
As I looked at the boys that morning it made me think about my own life. I wonder how much hell was held back from my life simply because I was never far from the people of God, the culture of prayer and the Bible.
I pray that when the boys grow up and can choose where they spend their time and devote their affection, that they will still be “those kids”.


Tasha Via said...

We pray that same prayer over our kids Carl. Our kids have a very similar viewpoint as yours (nothing better than goldfish and Cars every sat. and sun.=)) What a reminder to live at home what we believe so that our kids want to stay one of "those kids".

Congrats on #3. We're expecting too so it's fun to see ya'll right along with us!

Sue said...

I was a church kid too. Back then it meant Sunday morning, Sunday night, Tuesday evening visitation, Wednesday prayer meeting and then choir rehearsal, and usually at least one other night during the week. I feel so blessed to have been raised the way I was.