Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free Stuff!!

Of all the words in the english language, "free" gets a lot of face time and publicity. Well, once again, free is getting some props since greatworshipsongs.com is giving away me for free. My latest recording "Everything You Do" all the songs, all for free. (For a limited time). Have at it friends and I hope it points you to Jesus. Click the link and fill in all the blanks to get your free download. CLICK HERE greatworshipsongs.com/carlcartee
Let me know what you think about the music!


Tina said...

Thank for sharing your worship gift with us. You are so annointed. I really appreciaite the split trax. Tina

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Comunicarte said...

Nice stuff!

em k said...

speaking of free.... richard brought some of your cd's to antalya and i ended up with some. i am giving them to a macedonian worship leader this sunday. spread the love.

Eric and Jill said...

Thanks for your generous gift of the c.d.'s. Richard gave some to Roma Ministries! I'm listening to one of your c.d.s right now in Skopje, Macedonia. Love it!!