Saturday, April 15, 2006

My baby's Mama

Here is the promised picture of Heather. Yes, I know she looks amazing but not only that, she's feeling great, getting our home ready to the arrival and doing 1,000 crunches a day. Ok that last one was a joke. But she is doing well. This pic is taken on the deck of International Ministry Headquarters, here in beautiful Nashville, TN. She is 37 weeks pregnant. Look for more when the little man is born. He's due May 8th!
Much Love,


Ashley said...

Hey, i saw you when you guys came to Cumberland...and my sister got to see you guys at a youth conference not too long ago. We both enjoyed your music. Congratulations on the little man...does he have a name yet?

crocker said...

This picture makes me so happy, because I have been pretty bummed not to have been able to see Heather in all her glory! :) I Love you guys!!!

MPV4JC said...

Romans 10:14-16
"How beautiful are your feet in sandals,O prince's daughter!The curves of your hips are like jewels,The work of the hands of an artist.
Song of Solomon 7:1-3
How beautiful are the bellies and gleaming smiles of parents anticipated:)
Yo-Yo lil' "T" Cartee welcome to the world...
we already love you at DBC

Paige said...

Every woman should be that beautiful at full-term! Go Heather!!! Congrats on your new little man ~ Woo-hoo!!

Mom said...

As Heather's Mama I was proud and honored to be in TN as Baby Cartee was born. I was outside the room and heard my daughter be a trooper and Baby Oak's 1st cry. It brought back sweet memories as I first saw Heather Dawn Lookadoo when she was born on Christmas day. I alway knew in my heart she would be special! God is sooo good!!!!! So to Heather,Carl and Oak congratulations to the beautiful addition to the Cartee family. God has blessed us all and all the lives Heather and Carl have touched over the years.
Loving you all!
Margaret Banks-Moore and Mike Moore
PS. Baby Oak is sooo beautiful!!!!