Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wish you were here

We're chillin in good ole Boiling Springs, NC. Home of Crossroads summer camps and not much else. I used to live here, but have obviously gotten spoiled by the big city life in Nashvegas. I love getting to see some old and dear friends however. A few of which I consider to be the best I've ever had. Steven, Matt, Clayton, David and Brad. Nothing like some mighty men to inspire you to greater heights. Towns get boring over time...friends get better. I love my friends.


Anonymous said...

I was at Crossroads the 2nd week.. I had so much fun and I grew in the Lord a lot that week. I wish I could go back for another week lol. I really enjoyed your band, and everything else that went on that week.

Karli, 14
Graham, NC

Brooke said...

I was also at crossroads camp the second week. I had an amazing time clapping and singing to your music. That week was one of the greatest weeks I've had. While I was there I answered the call to ministry. I plan to be a missionary. Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

hey carl,
I went to camp the third week and had an amazing time! I wish I could have stayed longer! But they need me at home to bring the glory of god into their live. I hope you have a great end of the summer. have fun and i'll see you at winter conference in gatlinburg!

Brad said...

Hey Chad!

Love you too!

The Chaplain!

jacob of fbc milton said...

i was at crossroads the fourth week and you were awesome.You really helped make the worship GREAT!!!

Ross said...

This is Ross Bradley, not sure if you remember me, from Parkwood BC in the Gashouse, NC. Congrats on the new baby man, he looks like you from the pics. Shannon Kerr and I got married in Dec. 2003 and are expecting our first baby boy Sept. 4th. We are excited. How can I get some of your old music like the live cd you did in Shelby back in 97 0r 98? Anyway, if you happen to stumble over this comment, email me back at mrbradley2@gmail.com if you have time. Peace

laura said...

i went to crossroads the second week. i had so much fun. i spirtually changed SOOO much that week at camp. i grew even closer to the lord.

Anonymous said...

hey carl, i went to camp in the second week and it totally changed my life. i'll be back again this year!


Liz said...

boiling springs is home to Gardner-Webb University.

not just crossroads.