Wednesday, August 30, 2006

enjoying the ride of the road...

I've had some busy days lately. Playing on the same bill with Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman on August 19th, heading to the Integrity Songwriters Retreat last week and finishing up the week playing @ Youth Fest 06' with Tammy Trent and Todd Agnew. I've had a lot of great things going on recently. I have been around a lot of people I'd like to impress...people I hope think I’m cool and that my music was their favorite. I know you're not supposed to say things like that on your blog and you're supposed to act all cynical and snotty, but I am just being real about my thoughts. In the midst of all these goings on, I heard a profound voice of reason. Don Moen, (worship leader, songwriter and President of Integrity Music) was speaking about being "edgy". He described a story about him sharing the stage with a very popular and edgy worship band. He was going on stage after them and wondered how he could change his style to make it seem cooler... in order to impress his fellow artists. He was tempted to become edgy like them. The Holy Spirit, at work in his life said, "you be you, and let me define edgy. I'll show you where the edge is." Don felt God was telling him to redefine edgy in spiritual terms and not to let a sound or style dictate the value in his ministry. So, instead of reshaping who he was for a moment, he obediently took the stage as himself. Not as an over hyped rock star with the latest sound... just as a guy named Don who plays and sings for a great Kingdom. He was a profound success, just as the band before him had been. In light of that, I have been trying to become edgy. Living in a way that takes me to the edge of faith. Going further into a place that I have never been in Christ. I am trying to let that define my ministry and songwriting. I’d love to be cool and hip, but not at the expense of who I am. Not if I’m required to abandon my identity in Christ. So, to all the edgy & cool people I am around form this point on... I love you and please excuse the huge dork who is asking to have his picture made with you. I am just trying to be me...


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean, one of my christian friends changed their style and now is a very ungodly girl.

Lisa said...

Wow Carl! Deep stuff here! Don't ever let the world or its outside influences define who you are, because who you "really" are is the person you are in Christ Jesus. Just continue being "you", and let the Lord do the rest...and you'll find the "edge" that you've never found before, the one that will take you to a pinnacle of true spiritual growth and maturity that God Himself already has in mind for you.

Whatever you're doing, you're doing right. Keep on keepin' on for the Lord.

Focus on loving and serving Him, and everything else that He has in mind for you will fall into place naturally, where and when it is intended.

God bless you, Heather and baby Oak. I can't even begin to tell you what your ministry has meant to my son and me, or what you mean to the young people at Pastor Ricky's church. Your music and testimony are truly a blessing.

Love in Christ from a 1985 Gardner-Webb grad.

BTW I also posted this on your MySpace blog. Just wanted to bring it here because I figured you would be more likely to see it on your main site.

God bless you!