Friday, December 15, 2006

Home from the Hospital!

We're so excited to report that we came home form the hospital yesterday. Exactly a week to the day of Oak's surgery, we were released. Oak is still doing well and continues to improve. He is really glad to be home. It was fascinating to see how his mood changed once he recognized familiar surroundings. He slept well last night and made us proud, getting in a stretch from 10PM to 7AM. Docs warned us that he would be pretty fussy the first few days home, but so far he's been easy to manage. Even with his first tooth popping through on the bottom, he's as laid back as a surfer. Especially considering he has a hole in his head. He is going to have to sleep in his car seat for a few months because any extended pressure on the sides of his head can cause a relaspe in his condition. He's always prefered sleeping on his belly, but that will be a "no no" for a while. Hopefully he'll get used to that. Right before he was discharged, Oak got a visit from the World Famous Rockettes. He kicked around for them and they were impressed. I, however, discouraged him from becoming a Rockette...not that there is anything wrong with that, but the fake eye lashes and sparkle suit might not match his scar. I think he really liked them, but not as much as he likes Mommy.
I can't be too thankful for all the prayers and support. The peace that Heather and I have had is so refreshing and built up by the words, prayers and actions of our friends. All of you have led me to worhsip through kindness, love and reminders of God faithfulness. Thanks so much for everything...blessings and Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

Carl it looks like you were enjoying the visit from the Rockettes as much as Oak.

We're still praying for you guys -we Love you.

The Manning Family

Amber Aiken said...

Hi Friends! Wow! God is so good! What a joy to see the smiles! Welcome home! Tell Oak that I feel his pain concerning not being able to sleep on his stomach! Not fun, but definitely endurable! :) Love you all! Elliot, Amber and Baby Aiken