Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oak Update

Hey friends,
thanks so much for all the prayers and concern for our son. He continues to do well with his recovery. To us he looks like he's been beaten to a pulp, but the Docs say that they are pleased with everything to this point. He had a few blood transfusions through the night but that was expected because of the large amount of blood loss with Oak's surgery. All our families went home today so we're diggin in here at the hospital taking turns going back home to rest. Once he is released from PICU, we'll both be able to stay at the hospital. It looks like Monday will be the day for getting a normal room. Prayer is making the difference in this situation. Heather and I are not afraid, we're not worried, we're experiencing a lot of peace and I know that only comes when others lift the burden. Thanks so much for sharing this with us...I'll keep you posted.


TexanMusician said...

thank you so much for keeping us updated about your dear Banjo. we're still praying. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl,
We totally love you music at our church, Nahunta. Sure hope you got to eat at the pork center before you left. Ha ha ha! How is Oak? He is so cute. Thanks for all you did for us. We hope you can come back and see us again. Carrie, Lauren#1, Lauren#2, Brooke#1, and Brooke#2 really, really enjoyed your song about them.We hopr to hear it on your next CD.
Have a great day, Rachel Jackson and Madison Aycock(Paul)

P.S. Tell the band and Oak we said hi and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey CArl,

I love your music. You really opened my heart this weekend [Disciple NOW]! Thank you

keep me posted with little Oak.