Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Update On Oak

Many of you have asked about our son Oak who had skull surgery 6 weeks ago. In some previous posts, I chronicled the day by day progress from the hospital and the first week at home. Six weeks past surgery, Oak is doing great! He started crawling last week and now behaves as if he wants to crawl around the world. He’s everywhere and all of the sudden our house needs to be child proof. It’s not. Send help fast!
With the exception of a really cool scar and having to sleep in his car seat for five more weeks, I don’t think he even knows what happened. God has been so good to us and my mind is full of answered prayers for his recovery. From every indication the Mighty Oak is back to normal. We’ll have to see the doc every year until he’s seven to make sure things proceed properly but besides that, he’s good as new.
Thank God.


Kay Gardner said...

Send that man to his Aunt Kay's house!

Lindsey said...

At my home church in GLasgow, Kentucky, there is a young boy that made me think of your son and his tramatic experience with his health. I have just found out that Ryan Witt (6 yr old that I babysit for) has cancer. They found a very large melignant tumor in his stomach the size of two grapefruits. He went to Kosairs and they removed most of it, but not all because it was attached to his nerves. He is gettin ready to go through chemotherapy soon. This family is very loving, and I know that God will help them throught this time, but PLEASE remember them, especially Ryan, in your prayers. Thye are very important in my life. Ryan is such a sweet, loving, an imaginative young boy who has his whole life ahead of him and he loves each day! Believe me, there is power through prayer, and if we all work together, a miracle may very well happen! I just thought that I would put it on here so that you may reach out for him in any way, starting with simply praying for him! I have posted prayer requests for him on myspace, facebook, ang prayer groups, hoping for support! Thanks for all that you do, Carl!

catalina silva said...

Well... Im Catalina from the Blowing Rock Camp this year on North Carolina. Im really glad that OAk is doing great.
Heather, I dont know if you remember me, I hope you do, but I do remember you all.
God Bless you all,