Saturday, March 10, 2007


Cracker Barrel. What a place. Good pancakes, of course, but since yesterday it will hold a different meaning for me. It will now be a reminder of something quite bigger than gift shops and pinto bean plates. It’s now the place where I was challenged to a fight. Called right out and asked to put up my dukes.
While having dinner with a friend, he told me that God had given him some words for me. He wanted to ask me about some things. This guy is one of my closest friends in the world and I trust him completely. If he has something to say to me, I listen. I invited him to speak freely, so he began. Challenging me, he asked questions that were hard to hear and even harder to answer. He asked questions about my life and where it was heading. How I planned to live the next few years and what were my God sized visions? Did I have objectives inspired by pure and uncorrupted faith, was I willing to stop making excuses and do what ever it takes to see them realized? Was I going to remain the same, or stretch toward greatness for the glory of God?
Boom...right upside the head. I won’t ever forget that moment. It’s one of the first times in my life someone has asked permission to say something to me and then deconstructed everything that I have been feeling for the last 10 months. It was unexpected, threatening, but so refreshing. “Don’t waste your life. Your anointing is too great and your ministry to valuable for you to rest on talent and personality alone. Get help and equip yourself to win. Fight against mediocrity. Fight against apathy, laziness and insincerity. Push yourself in faith, passion and purity. God is worthy of your best!”
Hebrews encourages us to spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Have you ever been spurred? It’s not meant to tickle. It hurts. It cuts. It’s uncomfortable. It sends a message that makes you want to jump into action so you don’t have to get it twice. But thank God for someone who obeys the Spirit and says the hard things to a dear friend. Thank God for one who sees potential greatness and calls it out of you.
Needless to say, I am accepting the challenge. I have let disappointment and fear hit me enough. I throw my hat in the ring. Bring on the destiny. Best shots welcome. Please pray for me. Cheer for me. I’m all in
If I see you at Cracker Barrel, watch out. I’ll be in a mood to fight.
More to come.

(Thanks buddy...)


brent said...

“I don’t think fear of failure is a great way to motivate, because your emphasis is on failure,” Jayhawk Coach Bill Self said. “We need to prepare to be successful.”

Prepare to succeed!

Anonymous said...

very inspiring! I hadn't thought of the 'spur' aspect of encouraging someone. thanks!