Wednesday, July 18, 2007

worship as evangelism

I was working on a few hours sleep. I was nervous that I would goof up the service. I was not sure my guitar amp was turned on until I tried to play the first chord. Confirmation: amp not turned on, no sound coming out, audience silent and bored.
"Alright everybody lets worship."
This was the scene a few nights back as I walked on the stage to lead an audience to the throne of God. I was not sure how to get there myself. But, before I walked on stage, I prayed that God would make something out of the music and use it for glory bigger than me.
After mumbling through the set and going back to my seat, I though, “I hope that was not as bad as I think it was.”
When the service was over I was standing at my CD table when a big 6’5” dude came up and asked to speak to me. Here is what he said. “When I saw you and your band leading worship tonight, I saw something in your faces that I knew I needed, but did not have. Your worship, led me to Christ and I became a Christian tonight… because of your witness.” Later in the week, this same guy surrendered to God’s call into full time Christian ministry. Wow.
Lesson learned: My emotions, moods, amount of sleep, energy or circumstances have nothing to do with God’s ability to use me. If I’m bouncing off the walls or falling on my face, it’s God’s work in me that brings about miracles. My only contribution is availability and obedience. Ask God to use you in spite of the way you feel. Ask him to lift you up beyond the natural. Ask for miracles.
I thank God for using me that night. Please pray for us that this kind of thing happens every night we play.

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Anonymous said...

I'll pray every night that you do amazing. Even thought I think that you and your band are already the most amazing band I have ever in my life seen.

God Bless Ya,