Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nashvegas and the Cartee’s: 5 years together!!

I love fall in Nashville because it reminds me of a landmark in my life: the time of year when we moved here. When I left North Carolina prompted by purpose and acting on faith (2 Thes. 1:11) God said don’t make another move for five years. No matter what happens or who calls or what does not go right, this is your home for the next five years. In that time, I have turned down a ton of jobs for worhsip leader positions around the country and my reason has always been the same: “I can’t go anywhere for five years, because moving anywhere else does not fit into what God said. I’m honored that you thought of me, but I’ll have to say no.” Some of those opportunities were really amazing, dream job scenarios, repleat with everything great about employment. But they went to someone else. Now, however it gets interesting. This is the fifth year and I know now that the door is unlocked and I can go if I want. I know that I am released. With hind sight I see how moving here was not career development but God making room in our lives to see him work. I’m so thankful that my last five years have been full of more dreams coming true and God moving mightily on my behalf than the rest of my life combined. What he started here five years ago has transcended my every expectation. It’s gotten the best of my imagination and I have stopped guessing what God might do next, it’s always better that what I plan. So, here’s to my sons, my church, my friends, songs, Inspire Worship Conference, happiness, peace and hope and the million other things God has brought me through. Thanks for five years God. What next?


Reid S. Monaghan said...

What is next...any thoughts?

Robin said...

Selfishly, I hope that it involves staying in Nashville at FBC. I love when you lead worship at church! Your passion for the Lord and for worship makes me want to love Him more!
Unselfishly, I want you to be in the center of God's will for your life even if it means leaving FBC.