Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Turkey #3

Day three, here in the big T...(I been waiting all week for that rhyme)
Anyway. WoW! what an unpredictable place this is. Not Turkey, the world. Once again, I ran into an old friend from my home town who is working in the field. I am so proud to know these people. Some of the world's most committed believers are here. People who embody "loving not their lives, even unto death". As far as I can tell, I am getting a look into what it means to "have faith". I wonder how much faith it takes to gripe about my name getting ommitted on songwriting credits. Some of these folks can't even allow their last names to be mentioned or their picture to be taken at all. Their faith makes it too dangerous for their loved ones. Something to think about. I love being around people who make me better...I love being around believers who's lives challenge me to believe.
We had a great worship service tonight with my old friend JD Greer speaking, even J. Welch friend and former band mate made the trip. The band is getting better and I'm making them laugh at my forgetful mind...the Lord is working...thanks for praying.

Carl Cartee
The Band...
(L to R Dustin Rohrer, Chris Stephens, {CC Deville} and Thom Rayner)
Brooks Abbot is the sound man


Bridget said...

Wow! What an experience. Derek and I have been and will continue to be in prayer for safety for you, Heather, and all of your group. May God Bless all you do and reveal Himself to you more every moment.

Anonymous said...

Carl Cartee is Joshua from Brazil. Man I just would like to say Happpy birthday for August 08th,ok.
I am pryaing for you always and you are so special and important to me, ok.
Please le me now your address in TN. I would like to send some cards from my City, ok.
I try to buy your new cd in website, but I couldn´t buy, because the message said it impossible to send to me in Brazil. Could you help with that, ok.
Say for Heather and Oak that Joshua from Brazil say hello, ok.

With a lot loe in Jesus,

Your brother and friend in Christ,

Joshua from Brazil

Deut. 28.12 and Isaiah 64.4

josue_de@uol.com.br or