Sunday, January 01, 2006

Turkey #1

Hey folks,
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. We arrived safely in Turkey after over 30 hours of flying, waiting, flying and more flying. I am so eager to see what the Master is going to do. Security is a big issue here, so I’ll keep it shady on the terms. But with that in mind, amazing things are happening in the Spirit. I know that we’re here for a reason. One of the coolest things is that we ran into a guy who we went to college with who serves in this region. He and his wife are up on our fridge and we pray for them when we’re getting milk. I had not seen them in years and here they are all the way around the world in Turkey. Amazing. He shared stories with me of phone taps and privacy invasion and suddenly I got a good and clear picture of what it means to give your life away.
This morning we went and had an amazing service in a 2000-year-old stadium (think roman style gladiator thing). The service was opened with a trumpet duet of A mighty fortress is our God. It was stunning to hear the melody proclaimed all over the hills and surrounding area. All the people we’re here for arrive tomorrow and the real work begins.
Keep us in mind when you can…I’ll be back tomorrow to give more updates and reports. I have strong feelings that His glory is about to be revealed.

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