Monday, January 02, 2006

Turkey #2

Hey People! It’s Day 2 from fabulous Turkey.
My dream was made a reality today when in the retreat center cafeteria, I was served a turkey leg. A turkey leg in Turkey…could life get better? I submit that it cannot.
I was rehearsing with my band all day today. Guys who took off work and made the trip over to help out Heather and me with the music. We’d never played together, with the exception of Dustin Rohrer, who was a former member of the Summer Worship Experience. Gear here is pretty rough by US standards. I’m such a spoiled brat…but just when I start to think about getting frustrated, I remember 1 Samuel 17 and David’s fight with a giant. He had the most out dated and inferior equipment that there was. Literal toys compared to the sword and spear of the giant. God’s word for me was to enjoy the weakness of the equipment and embrace the opportunity to see him work. Sometimes, I rely on good gear to win a battle, but the battle belongs to the Lord and I am being reminded of that every moment I’m here. Please pray for me as I have lost my guitar strap and I have a very bad in-grown fingernail on my left middle finger. It Sounds funny, but it hurts real bad. Heather is doing well but is having some swelling in the legs due to too much walking…I am being sure to make her take it easy. She’s having my son!
Be back tomorrow,

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